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Car Jump Starter
Cleva JP06 the car jump starter
2.Capable of cranking 12V V8 5.8L engines(diesel up to 3.0L)
3.Applicable to mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices
4.As torch,SOS and strobe
5.Optionally pumping tyres
6.LED display: power level showing and real-time current detecting function
7.With high power polymer lithium battery inside
8.≧1000times cycle life
10.2 USB outlets: 5V/2.1A
11.1 laptop outlet:12V/16V/19V/3.5A
12.Start current:200A
13.Peak current:400A
14.Working temperature:-20℃-+60℃
15.ON/OFF switch: longer standby time
16.With optional smart cable:short circuit, reverse connection,over heat protection etc
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