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Factory Tour


Total area of:20,000 square meters(215,278 square feet) built in 2008.

Staff Details
More than ,1600 skilled workers in our production team.

Site Advantages/Description
Our advanced testing equipment and well-trained staffs ensure the good quality of our products. The quality inspection is carried out throughout the entire procedures of battery making, from the beginning of material quality inspection to the final finished product quality inspection, which strictly abide by the standard of ISO9001.

Besides our reliable domestic material suppliers, other suppliers are from Germany, Taiwan, UK, USA.

Machinery/Production Process
We adopt both automatic and semi-automatic machine in the process of production, which ensures the consistency of each individual battery.

Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)

Typical Functions: 
◆Observe combination homogeneity of raw materials;
◆Examine the purity of chemicals;
◆Examine the quality of semi-finished products.

Important Features: 
◆Wide enlarging scale: 15~300000 times;
◆Applicable in dry powders, aluminum foils, cathode & anode;
◆Clear images for visual inspection and printing.

X-Ray Diffraction(XRD)Typical

◆Analyze chemical structure of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and noncrystalline particles;
◆Qualitative analysis: Distinguish the nature of the material;
◆Quantitative analysis: Determine the content of each kind of materials.

Important Features:
◆Excellent combination of hardware and software systems;
◆High accuracy diffraction gives exact testing result;
◆Easy data process by recorded documents in ASC structure.

BET Instrument

Typical Functions:
◆Measure powder materials with surface area more than 0.01m²/g;
◆Examine & calculate surface area for all kinds of powder chemicals and porous materials.

Important  Features:
◆Degassing and testing combined in one process;
◆No air contact, high efficiency and accuracy of sampling testing;
◆Computerized system with color spectrum and Nitrogen differential pressure.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Typical Functions:
◆Check the homogeneity of dry powders, emulsions, suspensions;
◆Process the data of particle diameter by its software system.

Important Features: 
◆Developed and technically supported by Malvern;
◆Measures materials in a broad range from 0.02µm to 2000µm ;
◆High testing accuracy using Malvern Quality Audit Standards

Hi-Low Temperature Cycle Testing

Cycle Testing

Automotive Material Feeding

Top Sealing

Semi-Automate Rolling

Rolling & Pressing

Punch Testing

Laminate Machine

Inversion Spot Weld Machine