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Electrical Wheelchair

Electric vehicle technology has been powering wheelchair for many years.The recent introduction of Lithium-ion battery technologies to power the electric wheelchairs offers unique performance to the newly developed vehicles. Due to their excellent operating performance, CLEVA’s Li-ion batteries provide key advantages to optimize a wheelchair's usage compared to conventional lead acid batteries via high security and reliability, faster charging, longer life duration and limited maintenance operation. This ultimately lows costs throughout the useful life of electrical wheelchairs by improving daily operation and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Battery Project

Nominal Voltage:48V

Nominal Capacity: 15Ah

Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate

Rating: 720Whr

Cycle life:  >1000 cycles

Charge Temperature: 0~45℃

Discharge Temperature: -10~60℃

Integrated Protection Circuit Module(PCM)