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Mini UPS

Monerator Guard series is the world's smallest independent DC UPS. Guard works as back up power independently and dedicatedly to single appliance, offering secure uninterrupted back up power Mini UPS when encountering a power outage accidentally. Guard has build-in battery, light and small, easy and quick installation, adaptable for 9V and 12V DC powered electronic appliance.

Ideal for wifi routers, wireless security video-surveillance, fingerprint machine, POS system, etc.

Specification of Monerator Guard Series

Battery (build-in) Li-ion
Typical Energy 11Wh 22Wh 16Wh 32Wh
Max. Input Current 4A
Max. Output Current 4A
Max. Output Peak Current 5A
Nominal Output Voltage 9V 12V
Nominal Input Voltage 9V 12V
Cycle Life Hundreds of cycles
Dimension(L*W*H) 84*82*23mm 128*101*23mm 84*82*23mm 128*101*23mm
Weight 130g 180g 180g 230g