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Portable Solar Power

Gusto Portable Power Station-
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The Gusto 128Wh/256Wh/512Wh  as a kind of portable power station provides ideal solution for a variety of electronics including communication devices, power tools, full-size appliances and more. Especially when you are outside, this mobile power station offers you backup power anytime due to its great mobility and reliable performance.

The portable power station designed for power supply with range from 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ AC household power to 12V and 5V DC power. It is first backup power solution to operate with solar and DC inputs.

Basic Specification of Gusto portable power station
Product Name Monerator
Model# Gusto
Internal Battery type Li-FePO4
Internal Battery voltage 12.8V(Nominal)
AC output power 80W max.
AC output voltage 110/220Vac
AC output frequency 50/60Hz
Input charge range 14.6~25V
Max. charging current 4A
Max. Total output of power station 140W or 14A
DC charger output voltage 16.8Vdc
Max. Solar input power 17.4Vdc, 100W max
Physical dimension (L*W*H) 285*134*248mm
128Wh 256Wh 512Wh
2.2KG(4.9 lbs) 3.2KG(7.1lbs) 5.2KG(11.5lbs)